Hi, I'm Liz

I've started this business a year ago, to help people reconnect with their true nature, just as I learned to reconnect with myself and thus regained my health and joy for life.

I've been struggling with burn-out, depression, fatigue, leaky gut syndrome, painful menstruation and PMS, urinary infections, liver problems... Since then I've been striving to resolve these issues and optimize my health.

To find a way to overcome the many health issues I had, I studied to become a Lifestyle-Nutrition-health Consultant, a Dance- and Movement therapist, and many other modalities (like Qi gong, Yoga, Art therapy, Nature therapy, Life-and Health coaching, Embodiment- and Creative Coaching...)

I must say, I've just turned 40 this year and I've never felt better before, due to these big lifestyle changes I developed over the years.

And yes it was a gradual process, with ups and downs. I've been working towards this quality of life for roughly 20 years now. I firmly believe in a step-by-step process. And I believe you don't have to take 20 years to make these shifts! You just need a coach to show you the way...

I also believe it's important you can decide your own steps, follow your own rhythm, to implement the steps you feel most committed to. And that's again where a coach can come into place, to help you move forward and stay committed to your goals.

In my coaching and programs, I use a lot of different modalities. I work with the body, mind and emotions, with the whole person, because we are holistic beings. To be successful we can't separate one thing from the other, we need to work on all aspects.

I hope to be able to help you on your path to more health and wellbeing. Because I know it is possible, I know it's in your power!

I hope you find my free resources useful (I'll keep adding articles and resources on this site over time) and I hope we stay in touch!


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About Creative Holistic Coaching

You have the medicine already. Both to prevent and in many cases to cure diseases too (both physical and mental illness) The medicine is your body, your expression, your movement, your food, your creativity, your connections... it's your way of life. There is so much you can do yourself to stay healthy and it doesn't have to be complicated! I invite you on this path of self-healing and re-accessing your super-powers.

In my programs/ sessions I'll teach you all the techniques to make those healing lifestyle changes that stick and make you feel on top of everything again.

I'm based in a remote sweet nature spot in the Limousin, France. Because of the distance and having 3 children to care for, I mostly work online, from home. My languages are English, Dutch and French.

I use the following modalities in my work

Dance- and Movement Therapy

Nutrition Advice

Health- and Lifecoaching

Nature Therapy


Lifestyle Medicine