Morning Series Authentic Movement

Starting May 3, weekly sessions on Mondays from 10 am to 11.30 am CET
on Zoom

In 9 sessions we go deeper into the modality of Authentic Movement.

This healing, meditative expressive movement can help to:

  • Regain a sense of aliveness and joy
  • Recover a feeling of security
  • Release tension and blocked emotions
  • Restore your nervous system and  find relaxation
  • Gain self-confidence
  • Reconnect with your needs and desires, and your authentic self
  • Restore your self-healing capacities
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The sessions will run for about 1 hour and a half, depending on how much everybody wants to share.
Every session will include movement exploration, Authentic Movement with witnessing in its different forms,
creative processing, and sharing. 
The sessions are built up gradually to go more into depth and are accessible for people who've never experienced
Authentic Movement before.
We will be a group of maximum 6 people.

You can apply through the link below. After registration and payment of the series (45€) you'll receive the zoom-link and practical info.

What is Authentic Movement?

Authentic Movement is an expressive, meditative therapy method, started in the fifties by Mary Starks Whitehouse who combined her knowledge of psychotherapy with dance.

Authentic Movement gives the mover access to deeper and wounded parts of him/herself. Through a process of free association, deeper and unconscious parts of ourselves can come to the surface. Participants move with eyes closed, without music, and are invited to follow their impulses: coming from sensations they feel in their body, to express images or emotions that arise. Participants learn to listen to their body, to the story it's telling, to what needs attention. The Authentic mover surrenders him/herself to the movement flow, being open to anything that comes up, without judgments or expectations. During this process, there is a person who witnesses. Being seen is an important element in Authentic Movement, to be seen in everything there is, so healing and integration can take place.

Many practitioners of Authentic Movement experience healing that's taking place in a very gentle way and by practicing Authentic Movement, they become more trusting and authentic in life. They experience more acceptance, self-worth, and integration. Apart from the therapeutic, healing qualities of Authentic Movement, it can also be experienced as a meditation, or as a place where creativity gets triggered.

"I had the pleasure of first experiencing Authentic Movement under the guidance and witnessing of Liz during Corona times: yes, it was a remote, very international group session using Zoom! While it sounds awkward and uncomfortable, it actually wasn’t at all. Liz made us feel very much like a close-knitted group and the mood she set up allowed for a sense of true connection and communication.
In something as up close and personal as Authentic Movement, this is already a hurdle that Liz bested with ease. I greatly enjoyed Liz’ guidance: the instructions, “warm-up” and exercises were clear, very well timed and gave lots of handholds to me in my ongoing process of (re)discovery and redefining myself. Liz’ guidance was warm and present but not intrusive at all, and her witnessing very strong: I was quite taken by the amount of detail and depth of her observations. She made the experience a strong and worthwhile one. I happily and warmly recommend her to any future clients.

- Martijn van Hasselt, The Netherlands

" I had the opportunity to participate in an online group session of Authentic Movement for 5 days with Liz and I highly recommend working with her! Liz is a trustworthy and caring space-holder and even if doing sessions online is very different from the experience in real life, she succeeded in creating an atmosphere that opened up for connection with the other participants. I felt very secure to explore the different dimensions that were offered during the sessions and managed to enter deeper in myself and reconnect, feel and communicate with my body.

- Anna Mayra

"The sessions were well held and engaging. I enjoyed the experience , relating to the other participants and the beneficial effects of embodied movement."

- Hugh Jamieson  Glasgow

Facilitator: Liz Sels, Dance-and Movement Therapist and Holistic Health Coach - Creative Holistic Coaching

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