An overview of activities for children:

- Forest School, every Wednesday - in association with Cadet Roussel

- Arts'n Crafts (immersion in English), every Tuesday - in association with Cadet Roussel

- Creative Dance parents - children (dance-and movement exploration), once per month on a Sunday - in association with Les P'tit Bouts

- Creative Dance for infants and toddlers, every Thursday - in association with Tom Pousse

- Creative Dance for children 'Journey through the body'

- Making healthy candy - in association with Cadet Roussel

Activities for Adults:

- Authentic Movement Group sessions - in Faux-La-Montagne and Human Spirit, La Geneytouse

- Dance-and Movement Therapy sessions - in Faux-La-Montagne

- Creative Holistic Coaching Sessions - in Faux-La-Montagne

- 'Dance Libre' - Ecstatic Dance - in Faux-La-Montagne

- Detox Retreat

- Nature Coaching - in association with The Nature Coaching Academy

- Café Tricot, every 2nd Saturday of the month - in association with Cadet Roussel

Workshop Places in France:

23340 Faux-La-Montagne, Creuse, Limousin

Ferme La Geneytouse
19170 Toy-Viam (Bugeat), Correze, Limousin

Contact for more info: