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The services on this page are online services.

Creative Holistic Health Coaching Online

In these 1 hour coaching sessions, I use art-therapy and embodiment techniques alongside traditional life- and health coaching. Together we look at all the possible causes of your problem and make a customized plan to put in action. We meet online with zoom.

50€ per session

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Dance-and Movement Therapy 

Therapy session of 1 hour. with online videoconference zoom. I use Authentic Movement, LABAN movement analysis, breathwork, Chace, art-therapy, Integrative therapy.

50€ per session

Authentic Movement Group sessions

In these group sessions, in zoom-conference, we practice Authentic Movement together.

'In its simplest form, Authentic Movement is a mindful movement exploration between a mover and a witness which encourages the development of consciousness. The mover moves, with eyes closed, from an intention of mindfulness, non-judgmentally guided by inner impulses, sensations, emotions, and/or thoughts in the presence of a witness.' (ADTA)

There are series of 3 sessions, 5 sessions or 9 sessions.

12€ per session

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'Boost your Resilience'

Do you long for a healthy, balanced life? With better immunity, more mental and physical resilience to be able to fight/ward off disease and cope with stressful situations?

With this program you'll feel empowered again, taking your health in your own hands. We implement proven, science-based methods and work holistically with body, mind, and emotions.

Together we'll create a comprehensive, holistic plan to boost your health and wellness.

There'll be weekly group meetings to keep you accountable and keep you on the right track.

You'll also receive daily homework/exercises according to your chosen plan, to implement long-lasting lifestyle changes.

The methods in the program are a mix of Art- and Movement Therapy, Nature Therapy, Health-and Life Coaching, Nutrition advice and Breathwork.

Lift-Depression 5-week- Program

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Children's Programs

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Virtual Wellness Retreat

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Lift your PMS and Menstruation issues

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Holistic Cancer Prevention Program